Echoboy Comic Getting Rave Reviews (from my family and friends :)

I've been floating the Echoboy comic around for responses and feedback. Here are some of the highlights, from my perspective :)

My Cousin:

That comic is my new favorite comic. Maybe even my new favorite book. Blinding mothafuckin rainbows, Batman. I'm blind. Yeah. That's what that comic made me say. I love the artwork, and the story's creative. I like the ashpeople a lot too. They were funny. I like the bits of humor throughout it.

My Sister:
Overall I really, really like it. And I really love the style you drew
it in. Really nice and neat and beautiful.

I'm really proud of you, (a cute embarrassing name she calls me).

My Friend Mark Bee:

I like the jerkiness. The pace and the delivery work sort of like a Native American myth, where it's fast and slow, and brings the reader into details of the story that the TELLER considers most important.

What I like:
The framed narratives, the action-driven dialogue with a few big words thrown in (they talk like my action figures used to: "get'im!"), the spots without dialog, the figures and their gracefulness (i.e. Echoboy's pelvis).

My Friend Sam:
GAR--I took a quick look at your comic and I think it's amazing--you're VERY talented.

So as soon as you're in a generous, expansive mood take a read through the Echoboy comic and tell me what you think :D. G.

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